Menu of O&M Services

The followings are menu of O&M services provided by Nohara Group. We provide the best services that best match the type and local condition of each PV site. To find the best services, we narrow down the necessary service and propose additional options which enhance quality

Unparalleled management method
– the “Sun Sun Guard 20” System –
(originally developed)
  • Photo ledger system (prevention of falsification, inspection omission, and mistake)
  • Long-term data management and maintenance for 20 years (management of evidence and anti-aging)

The necessity of O&M

In order to keep stable power generation for 20 years…

The purchase period for solar power generated under Feed-in Tariff is 20 years. Operation & Maintenance, O&M, is vital for maintaining maximum power generation while keeping generating facilities properly over a long period. If a problem goes unnoticed and is left as-is, it will result in a loss of power generation while the system is offline and, thus, a decline in revenue. Early detection and response from regular checks and maintenance are essential for solar power generation facilities.

  • Stable revenue earned by stable operation
    Expert support is needed to realize the perfect balance between the two conflicting forces, guaranteeing safety and security and maximizing profits.
  • Is it enough to leave O&M to the electrical engineer?
    Industrial solar power generation systems combine the DC side, from the modules to the power conditioners, with the AC side, from the cubicles to the electric supply, to form an interconnected system. Generally, the specialty of the electrical engineer is the AC side. For this reason, it is important to depend on a specialty company that has high technological capacity in the DC side.
  • The 20-year warranty system does not cover PV site.
    A 20-year warranty only applies to the modules. Solar power generation systems are configured from numerous material and expert construction. The warranties for the majority of materials, as well as the warranty on construction, are one year. It is very necessary to do O&M after the warranty periods have expired.

O&M provided by Nohara Group

  • A specialty company with the standpoint of a third party
    We are a specialty company specializing in O&M. We do not get caught up in stakeholder interests, and are able to provide the right kind of service.
  • Client-oriented service
    To develop the service of OM, we have and are operating, high-voltage, industrial-use solar power stations installed on roof and land. We provide ever greater service with full knowledge from the standpoints of power generation owner and operator.
  • Extensive network
    As a trading company, we have account with more than 1000 manufacturers. As a construction company, we have national licenses for 18 kinds of construction businesses certified by Japan government.
    We provide high-level personnel, management andx services cultivated by trading functions and construction functions.
  • Reasonable price
    There is some doubt as to whether service common to all customers can truly be good for each customer. We provide necessary services flexibly customized following comprehensive judgment of customer needs, compliance, and local characteristics and measures.
  • Advanced technology and management through academic-industry collaboration
    We have developed technology on O&M with Kanagawa Institute of Technology, as well as advanced companies. Additionally, our engineers are is tirelessly developing our original long-term management systems and others. After tried and inspected at our generating facilities, our services are provided to customers.
  • Quick response
    With nationwide human network specialized in O&M, we can provide immediate emergency response for solar power generation systems anywhere in the country. Our engineers have plenty knowledge on the construction and inspection of solar power generation because they regularly have training to gain danced technique. We are expanding our service by hiring and training highly skilled human resources.