Uniqueness of our strengths

Our company’s exclusive asset management system

We have created added value as well as a powerful support for our customers by bringing the principles of production control and asset management into solar power generation.
We offer an customers-centric system that no other company can match.

We have created the ideal documentation for asset management.
Feel strong safe and true guarantee.

Simple records are not enough to turn facilities into assets. We developed unique management systems to ensure that your assets don’t lose value.

We guarantee that we will support your asset management on multiple levels including the prevention of malicious tampering and incomplete inspection, the improvement of operational efficiency, the display of photographic time-series data, and perpetual data storage.



We guarantee the integrity of your documents.
Enjoy the advantages of the cloud.

By contracting individual cloud servers, we make long-term data storage possible.

Simply continuing the contract with the server allows customers to access their data reliably and perpetually, even in the case of an unexpected accident.

We do not allow, permit, or participate in malicious tampering.
We offer reliable management.

We have developed a system that makes malicious tampering impossible.

Furthermore, we carry out strict checks to ensure that every step of an inspection has been completed from beginning to end. We use smartphones to record photographs of every operation along with place and date data to prevent flawed, incomplete, or missing inspections.



Enjoy the peace-of-mind of being able to supervise the work at any time.
Eliminate the uncertainty of being over reliant on on-site supervisors.

Contents uploaded to the cloud can be viewed in real time.

It is possible to review the actual state of the work being done, and to monitor its progress.

Better reliability and lower costs by reducing operations.
Improve both costs and reliability.

By reducing the usage of computers and mobile devices as much as possible, we minimized the dependence on human work.

As a result, we can reduce workload and improve costs.

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What is the ideal condition of an asset?

Man-made objects cannot avoid aging or degradation.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out preservation, inspection, and maintenance in order to protect the asset value and suppress aging and degradation.

The following elements are used to assess the value of an asset:

  • Are you inspecting your assets regularly and correctly?
  • Are you operating your assets appropriately?
  • Are you planning and conducting appropriate preservation and repair to maintain your asset?
  • Is the balance between the above measures appropriate, compared with the value invested in your asset?
  • Is it certain to store all records properly and to maintain the traceability of them?

If any of these standards are not met, deterioration in the value of the asset is unavoidable.
Moreover, without adequate maintenance and operation, the indemnification of third parties becomes a potential problem.

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Weed control by greening professionals available nation-wide

Vegetation on solar panels is a significant impediment to electricity generation and maintenance.
Yet it remains necessary to nurture grass growth in order for their roots to stabilize the soil and prevent rain-driven runoff.
Nurturing vegetation is also critical to keep the ground from drying out and to maintain a low air temperature.
This means that substantial expertise is necessary in order to select and nurture the right varieties of vegetation without encouraging too much growth.
The following minimum considerations must be met to select and suppress the right vegetation.

  • The ability to selectively suppress germination and growth
  • The ability to manage soil quality and the nutrients required to nurture the selected vegetation types
  • The ability to selectively remove unwanted vegetation types
  • The ability to correctly manage the soil microbiome

These factors make the deliberate selection and control of vegetation growth extremely difficult without the guidance of specialists.

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Thoughtful diagnosis, prevention, and repair carried out by professionals of civil engineering,
construction, and electrical engineering.

All buildings, structures, and electronics are constantly changing as the nature is changing.
Modules and cables are subjected to persistent chemical stresses, while fences and frames must endure load.
Moreover, the effect of global environmental change on the land and soil might drive unexpected events.
We recommend to investigate the followings before they occur.

  • Soil and sand runoff driven by heavy rain
  • The transformation of a fence into a wind-catching structure by the entanglement of weeds.
  • Damage to a structure caused by unexpected strong wind.
  • Damage caused by the weight of a heavy snowfall.
  • Runoff of soil caused by the unintended withering of vegetation.
  • The failure to properly construct a base due to the inappropriate prioritization of costs or work schedule.
  • Changes to the quality of soil due to acid rain or construction in the surrounding area.

Periodic monitoring combined with the storage of adequate monitoring records and trend analysis is necessary to successfully cope with these events.

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Excellent technical consulting proposed by O&M specialists

It is a surprisingly little known fact that electrical facilities undergo constant deterioration.
Moreover, as more load is placed on the design, the rate of deterioration accelerates.
Because the lifespan of each facility is limited, the following considerations are necessary to maintain a stable revenue stream.

  • Carry out appropriate maintenance and scheduled repairs, following the lifespan estimated by actual measured loads.
  • Create a suitable investment plan
  • Avoid excessive investment

We will use our experience consulting for and managing large-scale facilities to offer technical proposals that will enable your facilities to achieve stable operation throughout their expected lifespan.

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