SunSun Guard 20

Solar power generation is sold in increments of 20 years.
Operation and maintenance (O&M) is fundamental to preserving maximum power generation while protecting solar power generation over such a long period.
Loss of power during system downtime caused by issues that are left unnoticed and ignored lead to decreased profitability.
Early detection and countermeasure via regular inspections and maintenance are essential for solar power generation facilities.

  • The Necessity of O&M

    The 20 year warranty applies strictly to solar panel modules. Stable power generation over that period additionally requires maintenance of the entire facility necessary.

    Installers or electrical engineers provide O&M, However, they cannot realize the stable long-term operation.


  • The Advantage of Experts

    What you need, is almighty skill.

    To continue long-term operation, O&M of solar power generation requires extensive knowledge and skills of civil engineering, electrical engineering, construction technique and others. Additionally, the flexibility which realizes appropriate countermeasures for each issue of each facility, is essential.



    As a specialist of building materials, construction and ciliv enginering, Nohara Group leverages its expertise and skilled engineers to provide a variety of attentive and flexible customized services never before made available by previous O&M providers at a reasonable cost.

    In addition, as we are an impartial third party, we promise that our response will be fair, quick, flexible, and responsible and that we focus on the benefit of our customers.


Our advantage


Nohara Group carries out power generation, installation of generation facilities, design of structure and base, development of product and construction technique, and procurement.
As a third party,we are totally able to provide O&M from fair and appropriate diagnosis and periodic inspection to repair and maintenance leveraging our own unique system. That system realized the management of power generation for 20 years.
We also work actively with universities and other educational institutions as well as affiliated companies to develop management methods, new technology and human resources.

Service Process of SunSun Guard 20

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Drawing  Electrical Diagram   Photograph    Field Survey
  3. Prevention
  4. Repair

To operate stably solar power generation, it is necessary to be aware that problems will occur.
Nohara Group supports power generation with our services tailored to each solar power generation system.

Menu of SunSun Guard 20

The followings are menu of O&M services provided by Nohara Group. We provide the best services that best match the type and local condition of each PV site. To find the best services, we narrow down the necessary service and propose additional options which enhance quality

Unparalleled management method

– the “Sun Sun Guard 20” System –

(originally developed)

  • Photo ledger system (prevention of falsification, inspection omission, and mistake)
  • Long-term data management and maintenance for 20 years (management of evidence and deterioration of efficiency)
  • Diagnosis
    We judge appropriateness of power station, reviewing electricity, structures, and bases through drawings and filed work.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring
    We monitor operation conditions (power generation amount and errors) every day using a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system. In case of error happening, we repair the error and submit reports.
    We also schedule appropriate inspection times.

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